We help make the most of an image driven world

DigiLabs — We help consumers, professionals, and businesses make the most of an image driven world.

DigiLabs is a privately held, software company located in Palo Alto, California. Today, images are the essence of communication and DigiLabs enhances this primary visual currency through technically superior digital photo creation and workflow.

For every step of the making of a great photo product, from creation to printing to sharing, we offer a superior experience. That is why our software is used by so many businesses and consumers each day. As a leading partner for Kodak, Xerox, HP-Indigo, Cannon, Fuji-Xerox and Fuji Film, we’re the platform of choice for a global network of licensees who choose to differentiate their brand through the profitable processing, printing, and delivery of photo rich services to individuals, associations, and businesses.

Sold in more than twenty languages, and in more than forty countries, our customers include some of the biggest retailers, printers and photo labs in the world. Our goal is to help consumers, professionals and businesses make the most of an image driven world.