Digilabs is a privately held, software company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2001, DigiLabs launched its on-demand digital imaging solutions, providing much needed applications for the exploding digital camera user population. Focusing on ease of use, speed and robust functionality, DigiLabs' applications deliver unprecedented customization that reflects the uniqueness and aspirations of individual users. Applications are focused on custom digital print products e. g., photobooks, photo calendars cards and other imaging press products.

DigiLabs private labels and customizes software for companies looking to grow their on demand photo products business (e. g., books, cards, calendars, etc.) and offers both at-home (online ordering) as well in-store (retail) solutions. Its value proposition includes:

1. Efficiency

Software creates color, font and resolution managed vector PDF files that are ready-to-be printed. Because the software leverages the end-users operating system to create print-ready files and upload them directly to the licensee, there is no server/sever software required as part of DigiLabs solution, which optimizes automation, speed and efficiency and minimizes costs.

2. Power and Ease

Software delivers unprecedented power, customization, speed, flexibility and ease of use. Build books, calendars and cards literally in a few seconds using wizards or customize every element with menu-driven tools.

3. Compelling Business Model

One-time licensing fee. No click fees. No percents.

4. Online Sharing

Users can upload a flash photobook for online sharing and licensees benefit from viral distribution of brand, software and grow printing sales.

Contact Information
1032 Elwell Court Suite 245
Palo Alto, CA 94303