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PMA release — photobook, photo calendars and cards software in 8 languages

Palo-Alto, CA., -January 30, 2007 — Digilabs Inc, today announced the release of its privately labeled, Photo Book, photo calendars & cards software in 8 languages.

Digilabs software powers labs, printers' and retailers' photo products business by enabling their customers to create and send personalized photo products including photo books, cards and calendars. DigiLabs private labels and customizes its software for licensees who in turn distribute software to customers to create and send orders. DigiLabs offers both at-home (online ordering) and retail (in-store) software. Partners/resellers include Xerox Corporation, HP Indigo, Kodak, Fujifilm USA and PTS Consulting.

DigiLabs' Solutions are innovative on many fronts including workflow, authoring technology and business model.

“The new version includes among other things,” says DigiLabs' VP of Business development, Andrew Friedland. “Our software in 8 different languages, English, Spanish, Chinese (2), Japanese, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese. The software will present the language according to the users OS language, while the user can change and switch languages according to his likings.”

This continues Digilabs efforts to achieve true global. Currently our Licensees include retailers, printers and labs around the globe. End-users can use any font in any language. And new languages can be added easily upon request.

Andrew Friedland
Digilabs Inc.