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Digilabs and Xerox team up to offer on demand photo products solutions

Xerox to resell DigiLabs Software to Grow Printers' On Demand Photo Business

Palo Alto, CA., January 30, 2008—Digilabs Inc, today announced its partnership with Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) in which Xerox will be selling DigiLabs' photo authoring software solutions to Xerox customers worldwide.

DigiLabs private labels and customizes its software for licensees who in turn distribute software to end-users to create and send orders. DigiLabs offers both at-home (online ordering) and retail (in-store) software.

DigiLabs' solutions are innovative on many fronts including speed, workflow, authoring technology and business model.

Xerox will be selling the DigiLabs solution to customers that use a wide array of Xerox printing devices ranging from Phasers to full production DocuColor and iGen digital presses. As part of the relationship, the companies offer integration from DigiLabs' front end authoring software to Xerox's FreeFlow workflow applications.

“We are very excited about working with Xerox, as the combination of our front end authoring software and their printing solutions will deliver to Xerox customers not only powerful design and ordering tools but an efficient and high quality workflow” says DigiLabs VP of Business Development, Andrew Friedland. “DigiLabs offers Xerox customers easy access to the burgeoning custom photo products business.”

“DigiLabs is an excellent fit with our photo market strategy. The combination of their robust software and Xerox industry leading digital print technology brings to Xerox customers easy access to the exploding photo market,” says Mike Salfity, Vice President, Workflow Solutions Business Unit, Production Systems Group. “This on demand imaging solution is compelling to large and small retailers and printers alike.”

DigiLabs and Xerox will be first demonstrating their solutions at the PMA show in Las Vegas January 31st-February 2nd in Xerox' booth.

About DigiLabs
Digilabs is a privately held software company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2001, DigiLabs launched its on-demand digital imaging solutions, providing much needed applications for the exploding digital camera user population. Focusing on ease of use, speed and robust functionality, DigiLabs' applications deliver unprecedented customization that reflects the creative aspirations of individual users. Applications are focused on custom digital print products e.g., photobooks, calendars, cards and other imaging press products.

Andrew Friedland
Digilabs Inc.