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DigIlabs partners with Kodak to offer photobook solutions to 38,000 Retail storefronts in Japan

DigIlabs partners with Kodak to offer photobook solutions to 38,000 Retail storefronts in Japan

Private label software will enable millions of Japanese consumers to order photobooks either via online ordering or dropping off media at thousands of participating retailers.

Palo Alto, CA, June 17, 2008—Digilabs Inc, today announced its partnership with Kodak (NYSE: EK) to deliver a robust photobook authoring and ordering solution to the Japanese market. The Kodak branded, Digilabs software , will enable millions of Japanese customers of 38,000 participating retailers, to order books in multiple ways.

Users will be able to easily create photobooks in Digilabs software at home and then save to media a file that can be dropped off at a participating retailer. Alternatively, at the next stage of implementation, users will be able to upload orders online from the convenience of their home. In offering multiple ways of ordering from home, users and retailers alike benefit regardless of Internet connectivity. All orders will be sent to a central printing facility and printed using the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press. At the third stage of the project, summer 2008; the books will be also available as an Agx (Silver halide) product.

“DigiLabs front-end authoring software will bring to millions of potential Japanese customers the ability to create and customize with unprecedented speed, ease of use and power, and place orders through participating retailers”, says Andrew Friedland, VP of Sales at DigiLabs. “Our software delivers to all involved—millions of users, thousands of storefronts and Kodak - an efficient and elegant way to grow their on-demand photobook business in Japan.”

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Digilabs is a privately held, software company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2001, DigiLabs launched its on-demand digital imaging solutions, providing much needed applications for the exploding digital camera user population. Focusing on ease of use, speed and robust functionality, DigiLabs' applications deliver unparalleled power that reflects the uniqueness & aspirations of individual users. DigiLabs applications, currently available in 10 languages including Japanese and Chinese, and available for PC and Mac users, and are focused on custom digital print products e.g., photobooks, photo calendars cards and other imaging press products.

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