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End to End automated workflow presented at Duplo booth at PMA 2010: Create, Order, Impose, Print and Finis

Four photo industry leaders: Duplo, Noritsu, DigiLabs and Ultimate Technographics will be presenting an end-to-end automated workflow for creating, ordering, imposing, printing and finishing photo products at PMA 2010 in Anaheim this week

Anaheim, Calif., PR Web ,February 20, 2010 (PMA 2010, booth 3184):DigiLabs ( is releasing its new multi-function authoring software at this year's PMA show. MyPhotoCreations is a new digital photo creativity application that opens the door for all to create professional-quality photobooks, albums, proof magazines, cards, posters and canvas gallery wraps (wall prints). In addition to extensive creativity features, MyPhotoCreations also creates and uploads web galleries.

MyPhotoCreations is designed for people who prefer the responsiveness, flexibility and control offered by a desktop application to the slow speed, frustrations and constraints imposed by photo-sharing websites. It also simplifies the production workflow for users and printers providing an all-in-one photo creation platform.

MyPhotoCreations offers the widest range of output for digital photos, with an extensive array of products, styles, sizes, finishes and output options, along with complete control over layout, text, and clipart. Also available is the ‘lay-flat’ coffee-table photobook, which features a double-spread photo that aligns perfectly where the two pages adjoin. MyPhotoCreations can also create silver halide photo albums, prints and proof magazines

The software is available for home and retail (in-store) usage and is licensed by DigiLabs to photo labs, print service providers, and retailers. Users of DigiLabs current line-up of authoring software include Kodak Retail Group, FamilyMart (Japan), London Drugs (Canada), Costco (Mexico), most top photo labs in the US, and more than 340 print service providers worldwide. DigiLabs is also recommended or sold by top hardware manufacturers, including HP Indigo, Xerox, Kodak-NexPress, Fuji Film, Canon USA, and more.

MyPhotoCreations features include:

  • A wide variety of quality products and outputs available from within the same application: photobooks, photo albums, proof magazines, web galleries, calendars, greeting cards, postcards, trader cards, posters, canvas gallery wraps, and photographic prints.
  • Runs locally—not over the web—which means it is responsive, highly efficient, and provides precise control over layout. But still gets downstream web feeds.
  • MyPhotoCreations offers the widest range of output options compared to any photo software: print at studio, take as a PDF to a local print shop, upload online for printing, or share online.
  • Exceptional customization of layout, positioning, fonts, and styles. A wide variety of templates and clipart is included, along with support for dozens of holidays.
  • Software is available in 22 languages and users can use ANY font they have on their operating system!
  • Built-in image enhancement capabilities
  • Online integration- users can upload books and share them online (as flip though books) with friends and family, they can also upload web galleries, and the software also includes embedded web updated information, like seasonal special offers, live help and more.
  • Flexible deployment models: can be used in-store or at home, orders can be submitted online or hand carried (on a flash drive) into store, with printing locally, in-store, or via remote print service provider
  • Integrates with leading back-office solutions. Print server providers can easily use their existing back office infrastructure, and optional DigiLabs back office services are also available.

MyPhotoCreations is all about flexibility, simplicity and creativity,” said Nader Anvari VP Marketing of DigiLabs. “It offers consumers an all-in-one photo platform for the creation of photo-rich products not available elsewhere, and is designed so our licensing customers can easily integrate and deploy in a way that fits with their business model.”

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Digilabs is a privately held software company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2001, DigiLabs launched its on-demand digital imaging solutions, providing much-needed applications for the exploding digital camera user population. Focusing on ease of use, speed and robust functionality, DigiLabs' applications deliver unparalleled power that reflects the uniqueness & aspirations of individual users. DigiLabs applications run on Windows and Mac, and are currently available in 22 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, and Swedish, among others. DigiLabs is the photo solution supplier to Canon USA, Fuji Film USA, HP Indigo, Kodak and Xerox,.

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