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Photo Software solutions for printers, labs and retailers.

DigiLabs – Powering an Image Driven World

DigiLabs makes the most of an image driven world with technically superior, flexible, photo creation and workflow software. Sold in 23 languages, our solutions provide a world-class experience every step of the way, from product creation to printing and sharing.

As a leading partner for HP, Kodak, Xerox, Canon, Fuji-Xerox and Fuji Film, we’re the platform of choice for a global network of licensees who provide photo rich services to individuals, associations, and businesses.

Our software allows licensees to generate orders in multiple ways:

Online-Ordering Web Galleries

Customers can create and order photo products using their home computer. Orders are automatically uploaded and completed over the Internet.

Offline-Ordering Flush Mount Albums

The best of both worlds, customers can create photo products using their home computer and walk in the file to a retail store for ordering and optional fulfillment.

In-Store Albums

A kiosk-like solution without the cost or inconvenience of an actual kiosk. Your customers (or a store clerk) can easily create and order products in-store