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Customers can create their products from the convenience of home, then bring their orders into the store on a secure removable flash drive and place the order in-store. The order can be printed locally where available and/or sent automatically to a remote location for production. The software includes in-store workflow management tools for handling orders brought from home, making the process simple and streamlined.

  • Customers create photo products using their personal computer. Their order is encrypted and saved to a portable media device like a CD or USB stick. The customer then mails or drops off the order to a retailer.
  • A store employee receives the order and loads into DigiLabs’ In-store software to decrypt the order, create an invoice and manage print queue.
  • The retailer can select from large array of photo products and can mix in-store and remote production, based on their back-office abilities.
  • Using our online publishing tool, licensees can customize software with product definitions, branding, artwork and more as well as create multiple sub-versions
  • By enabling users to create from the convenience of home but still bring orders to the store for completion, retailers can increase the foot-traffic to their store and assist in marketing the photo products
  • You can expand your customer base by offering an offline ordering solution for those without high speed Internet or where online transactions are problematic
  • Global Offering: software interface is available in more than twenty languages. Users can create using any font in any language available.