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Customers create their products and place their orders using an in-store kiosk-like interface. The orders can be printed locally where available and/or sent automatically to a remote location for production. Software includes in-store workflow management tools.

Stand alone white label version

For individual photo stores which want to offer only in-store creation and ordering Buy now online (try before you buy option) cost effective price point. Learn more 

Customized version—including home creation

For chains and multiple retail locations which want to offer in-store ordering combined with home creation (home-to-store). Learn more 

  • Works on any computer

    The software works on any computer (Mac or Windows) eliminate capital expense and inflexibility of an actual Kiosk.
  • Any printing device

    In-store software can be used with any printing device and printing can occur locally within the retail store, and/or remotely at a centralized production facility.
  • Order-management console

    Includes order-management console, enabling retail employees to manage pricing, print queue and back-office production.
  • Integrates with leading back office production technology

    Integrates with leading back office production technology, for example: Xerox Free Flow photo automation tool, Ultimate imposition software...
  • Consistency across multiple devices

    Folders can be pre-set to ensure printer settings and quality consistency across multiple devices and locations.
  • Same user experience as the At-home version

    The In-store software provides the same user experience as the At-home version, get customers trained in-store migrate to At-home usage.