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Photo Retail Solution for Any Size Store!

DigiLabs white label version for individual photo stores which want to offer only in-store creation and ordering.

  • Set up workstations in your store(s) allowing walk-ins to create personalized photo products and place orders.
  • Select from a wide range of personalized photo products: cards, calendars, posters, photobooks.
  • Does not require expensive and hard-to-manage kiosk hardware. Workstations can be configured with standard PCs which are much less expensive and easier to maintain, update and/or replace than kiosks.
  • Work can be sent/printed on any printer.
  • Includes an essential Job Management Console for store associates to accept orders and manage jobs/workflows.
  • Enables you to offer photo products — as a service, have your store clerk create photo products for your customers.
  • Configure for in-store printing and finishing (fulfillment) or send jobs to centralized hubs for fulfillment.
  • Self contained with more than 22 user interface languages.
  • Can be used on 5 in-store different stations

Cost effective — reasonably priced solution for the individual photo and printing store

Pricing: In-store only, white label version onetime fee of $2200
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