DigiLabs′ software allows licensees to generate orders in multiple ways.

DigiLabs is recognized as publishing the fastest, most advanced and yet easy to use photo creativity software. Available for both PC and Mac, DigiLabs’ software is used by thousands of retail outlets, large and small printers, and top labs worldwide. The software is licensed, sold and recommended by top hardware manufacturers including Kodak, HP, Xerox, Fuji-Xerox, Canon and Fujifilm.

DigiLabs’ software is also used by some of the largest retailers in the world and DigiLabs’ software and includes some unique and advanced features.

Digilabs’ Software Features

Speed, Power and Ease of Use

Costomers benefit from superior user experience- simpler to use = more users!

More than just Photobooks

While professional-quality photobooks are a popular option, customers can choose from a large array of photo products including albums (silver halide), calendars, cards, posters, prints, canvas wraps, and professional proofing products.

Fully customizable

Our software is not only easy to use but also offers end-users full customization of ALL products. DigiLabs’ tools allow you to offer more great products that will appeal to a variety of customers, increasing your business and your sales.

Professional-Quality Files

DigiLabs creates a color/font/resolution managed layered vector PDF so that your files will print text and graphics at the highest quality possible. Vectorized PDFs are also great for other capabilities like using image enhancement tools, spot coating and more.


Customize and private label your version.

Online Sharing

Customers can create a photobook and upload it to the web to share online with friends and family. Use this feature as a viral marketing tool for you. The friends and family can then order their own copy of the photobook and even download the software themselves, giving you a whole new group of potential customers. View sample book

Progressive features

Progressive features like “locket” content— for third party content— browser embedded and more.

DigiLabs is a market Leader

DigiLabs is a market Leader, integrated with leading technologies such as Ultimate, Duplo, Xerox Photo Automation, Fiery (EFI), Perfectly Clear image enhancement solution, Kodak DP2, B2C print, and more.

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