DigiLabs’ software, available in 8 languages, is unique and compelling on many fronts including technology, authoring capabilities, workflow efficiency and business model. Let’s delineate:

1. Efficient workflow optimizing speed, automation and quality.

Software delivers print-ready (color/font/resolution-managed vector PDF) that is sent directly to the printer. No need for server/server software.

2. Both Home (online ordering) and In-Store (kiosk) Solutions.

3. Unprecedented Customization.

Unlike most solutions that offer only static templates, DigiLabs is full-blown authoring software that allows users to place and move images, text, and graphics anywhere including layers/collages. Resize and crop, create spreads, use any font in any language.

4. Unparalleled Speed And Ease of Use.

Clearly the fastest software in the industry. Build books, calendars, and cards literally in seconds with wizard-based interface or customize every element with easy drag & drop tools.

5. Compelling Business Model.

One-time licensing fee; No click fees or %s. We make it easy to get in and grow and we don’t penalize your success!

6. Online Sharing.

Users can build a book and upload for online sharing. Excellent method to virally distribute software and generate orders. See example.

7. The Power of Vector PDFs.

DigiLabs is the only software company in the industry to deliver vector PDF files. Vector PDFs are powerful because it allows users to employ any font in any language; it enables the printing of fonts at highest resolution possible; it allows tagging of images for both image correction and copyright issues.

8. Global In Scope.

Interface translated into many languages including Chinese (2 dialects), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Users can use any font and literally any language.

9. Richly Customized, Private Label Software (not just a logo).

DigiLabs customizes software for licensees with branding, product selection and sizes, artwork including backgrounds, templates and layouts as well FTP and shopping cart integration.

10. Time To Market.

DigiLabs delivers customized, private label version back in two-to-four weeks.

11. Windows (including Vista) and Mac (including Intel Mac) Compatible.