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As the leading software solutions supplier in the photo rich publishing market, we know that we can’t be everything to everybody; nobody can. We believe that we are the best at what we do, and in order to provide our customers with the perfect experience we partner with other companies who are the best at what they do. We integrate our services with the leading companies in the on-demand imaging industry, to help deliver a streamlined, automated, high-quality workflow and output.

We also teamed up with the industry’s top distributors to help sell and support our customers around the globe.

Our key partners and integrations include:

  • Xerox Photo Automation Tool—An automated and smooth workflow for Xerox customers. see the out first time when it comes out of the printer. Learn more
  • Kodak DP2 and Image Enhancement Server—Providing a smooth workflow to photo labs, and superior image files for NexPress users. Coming Soon: dimensional ink integration. Learn more
  • HP Indigo Image Enhancement Server. Also coming soon: white ink capabilities.
  • Ultimate Imposition Solutions—Automatically impose your files. Making a critical part of your effective workflow easier. Also full integration with the in-store management console. Learn more
  • Duplo-Ultimate—DigiLabs Tech integration into Duplo equipment and bar code reader ensures a streamlined and automated finish for your projects. Learn more
  • Athentech/Perfectly clear Image Enhancement Server—Providing the way to superior image and thus output quality.Learn more .
  • B2CPrint—A SAAS based Web to Print store fronts, easily implemented as a standalone website or as a part of an existing one, easy 3 step ordering process for the end users, supplied with 2500 graphic templates for an easy start. Fully and easily integrated to DigiLabs software and can be used as a back office tool for the software. Learn more .

To add to your experience with DigiLabs, we also integrated with different e-commerce shopping cart solutions from all around the globe, offer web-to-print solutions from EFI Fiery, and coming soon, provide a direct pathway to key online photo destinations like Flickr and Picasa.

If you have a product that you think would work well with DigiLabs, please email us for more information.