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Xerox FreeFlow® Photo Automation Tool and Xerox® Photo Connector

The Digilabs system built-in integration allows you to automate your submission of print jobs to Xerox printers. Using its built-in integration with the Xerox FreeFlowR Photo Automation Tool and XeroxR Photo Connector, provides an automated affordable and simple workflow solution, from creation to finishing.

What are Xerox FreeFlow® Automation Tools?

Designed for retailers, photo labs and commercial printers, Xerox’s FreeFlow™ Photo Automation Tool includes more than 50 templates for common photo specialty jobs. It readies them for printing by automatically applying color management and paper types such as pages in a photo album or a sheet of trading cards. It offers an affordable and simple workflow for print providers entering the photo market or looking to increase production capacity.

How does it work with the Digilabs solution?

The Digilabs authoring software products are seamlessly integrated with the FreeFlow Photo Automation Tool.

The DigiLabs in store integrated solution offering takes the customer’s order, from the point of submission through print—by automatically creating a print-ready file tailored for the digital press and finishing available in the shop.

The Digilabs home based consumer offering when integrated with the Digilabs back-office offering also includes a built in integration with the FreeFlow Photo Automation Tool. Using the Digilabs and the FreeFlow Photo Automation integration, a printer can automate the process form the order submission all the way to printing.

Which Xerox FreeFlow® Photo Automation Tool do you need?

The Photo Automation Tool and Photo Connector have similar functionality. Select the one you need based on your setup:

  • Use the Photo Automation Tool if:
    • You have a FreeFlow Print Server driving a cut sheet color printer.
    • Check the documentation for specific printer models and software releases supported that include the FreeFlow Print Server software.
    • The Photo Automation Tool needs to be purchased from Xerox, installed on the FFPS and licensed. Check with your your Xerox representative for details.
  • Use the Photo Connector if:
    • You have an EFI Fiery DFE driving a Xerox cut sheet color printer. Applies to both embedded controllers and standalone.
    • Check the documentation for specific printer models and software releases supported. The DFE needs to support the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP); a software patch may be required to acquire this functionality.
    • You have a Xerox Phaser 7760.
  • If in doubt, Check with your Xerox representative

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