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What makes DigiLabs stand-out?

We’ve been around this market for a long time and we know what is expected from a solution. We have a real understanding of what you are looking for in a photo publishing solution and make it a priority to deliver a product that offers superior benefits and value, such as:

Ease of Use:

Ease of Use for both the end-user and for you the print service provider- DigiLabs is recognized as publishing the fastest most advanced and yet easy to use photo creativity software, that easily integrates with different workflows and production solutions.

Social Photo Sharing Site Connectivity:

Your customers can load images from Facebook, Google Picasa, Yahoo Flickr within DigiLabs photo application. Advanced Text Editing Toosl: Users can use any font size/style/size/language within the same text block. Multi-lingual spell checker. Auto-Correction: One-click color correction. Advanced red-eyd correction tool.

Flexible Workflow:

DigiLabs enables licensees to use their own shopping cart, or any third party shopping cart—we can recommend a few already integrated with us around the globe. We can also provide a full back-office service (USA and Canada) including shopping cart, job ticketing, online reporting and job routing. Competitors only offer their own back-office solutions to licensees and pass the cost onto them. By allowing licensees the option to use their own back-office, licensees do not need to implement redundant, unneeded, questionable and risky systems.

Quality of Files:

DigiLabs’ software creates a layered PDF allowing you the ability to edit and enhance each layer of the image. This file also uses vector fonts to prevent any pixilation. Most other companies offer only a flattened PDF using raster fonts, which does not support these advantages and tends to get pixilated. Worried that a vector file will be slow to upload? Don’t be. We optimize our files so that won’t happen. Furthermore think about the future layered DPF are a fundamental requirement for spot coating (dimensional ink) and white ink (coming in late 2011).

Server Free Architecture:

Our software uses the consumer’s own computer to generate all ready-to-print files at the highest quality available, take care of resizing, rendering and PDF creation on the end-user desktop. Uploaded directly to your FTP server. No need to install a special server in order to render/create the print files, which adds headache and risk to the process, not to mention the unnecessary costs and inflexibility such a solution delivers.

Three Ways to Order:

DigiLabs offers users three ways to order: 1) At-Home-online 2) Home-to-Store and 3) In-store (kiosk). This allows you to offer a complete off-line workflow, integrate with local retailers and provide the most convenient option for all customers, whatever their needs.

Online Sharing and Self Publishing Tools:

Our software allows customers to publish to the web a flash version of the books they create so that friends and family can view and buy books online as well as download a version of your software; delivering viral marketing and selling tool click here for a sample.

Embedded Live Web Content:

In a feature unique to DigiLabs, our software allows customers live access to licensee’s web content from within the client application. This enables you keep in touch with your customers in real time. Use this opportunity to react to changes in the market and offer benefits such as “live specials.” This service helps to bridge the e-commerce gap between you on the internet and them at their desktop, offering the best of both worlds.

We managed download server and auto update versions:

When you or DigiLabs have an update to the software for minor or major changes, the changes are automatically made to the customers desktop. This ensures that everyone is running the most up-to-date software. No wasted time and no new products and services are missed. DigiLabs also will maintain the download service for you (no extra cost) saving money and headaches and insuring not only top of the line bandwidth and connectivity but also that a new version doesn’t mean more work and hassle for you.


We feel that we are the best at what we do, but we also understand that you cannot be everything. In order to offer best of all breeds possible, we’ve teamed up with other companies who are the best at what they do. Our partnerships with Perfectly Clear, HP and Kodak image enhancement software, as well as Ultimate imposition software, Xerox FreeFlow, Photo SDK and B2C provides speed, streamlining and quality. This ensures a better workflow, product and lower costs.

Product mix:

Photobooks are a very popular product in this market, but photo can be so much more than that. We offer the ability to create books, strap books, cards, calendars, posters, prints, canvases, prints, albums (starting on the left), and proof books. Our software makes creating these products easy, no matter who is doing the creating.


Our software is self-contained with more than 25 languages and counting. Including: English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and mandarin), Japanese, German, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Swedish and many more. Use can use any font on his OS including mixing languages within the same output.

Market Leader:

Our vast experience, knowledge, product offering and proven technology have made us the market leader. Our products and services are recommended or resold by market leaders including Xerox, Kodak, Fujifilm, HP, Fuji-Xerox, Canon, Duplo and more, and used by some of the largest retailers in the world.