We enjoy working with your company. Your software continues to perform flawlessly with our two NexPresses. When we first entered into a partnership with Digilabs, naturally I was a little concerned. You made some pretty bold promises. But you all did exactly what you said you would. That seems to be rare in this world. Thanks to the Digilabs system, we are looking forward to an extremely strong fall season. Keep up the great work!

I am happy to share with you the main reasons why we decided to license DigiLabs? software for our photo-press (using HP Indigo) business:

  1. DigiLabs’ software solution will significantly increase our efficiency and increase our capacity for more jobs/pages to the press. The software creates print-ready (font managed, color-managed, resolution managed) job files that require very little manual intervention. Moreover, the software makes it easier for customers to send us jobs (simple, fast and easy), which is a HUGE benefit that cannot be understated.
  2. After testing several solutions, we found Digilabs’ software to be both easy to use as well as deliver robust customization and speed that we believe is unmatched in the industry. As I mentioned earlier, Richard Miller spoke highly of your product in the sense that it “made” Mpix.
  3. DigiLabs’ solution is compelling for both pros and consumers and we market to both segments. It has powerful authoring tools for the most sophisticated users as well as wizard-driven tools for more novice ones.
  4. Output is a vector PDF file, which ensures high quality printing of both images and fonts. DigiLabs’ software supports any font and any language, which is important in catering to an ethnically diverse market.
  5. We found Digilabs pricing model very appealing, as it is simple to implement and manage, a reasonable flat fee with no click fee or % of sales.

Paul C. Kimball

President and Chief Operating Officer

CPQ Colorchrome, Inc.