At-home (Online Ordering)

DigiLabs private labels, customizes its application (Mac/Windows) for licensees. Licensees have unlimited distribution of the software via online downloads and/or distributing discs. End-users download/install software on home computer and create, customize and upload from desktop. The software leverages the end-users operating system to create a print-ready vector PDF file that is uploaded directly to licensee’s servers and is ready to print. Upload process will launch licensees shopping cart where end-user completes order.

In-store (Retail Ordering)

DigiLabs private labels an in-store version that runs on Windows and uses a mouse. Private label/customization matches At-Home version so that it is consistent offering. In-store version has a kiosk look and feel with large buttons, wizard interface so that end-users can quickly and easily create and customize photo products e. g., books, cards, calendars, etc. within seconds and then customize to their hearts content. In-store version includes Order Management Module that handles billing and print queue management in a retail environment.

DigiLabs Prints: on demand printing services via our network of customers

Geared for companies that want to offer press print imaging products but lack printing capabilities, DigiLabs provides private label software, printing services and private label shopping cart.

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